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Written by Luis Miguel – Originally published on October 15, 2011

A continuous learning effort is just one of a few constants across the different areas of the IT field. Thru the years I have, for the most part, satisfied the need for training thru self-study, with the occasional exception of an employer-sponsored week of Oracle 10 or SQL Server 2005 administration at an authorized training facility, and my personal experience is that not even official training at a local college matches the return on investment against doing the study yourself.

I recently took an offer from Brian Knight (famous BI author) and Pragmatic Works for a three-day SSIS workshop around the corner in Ft. Lauderdale, the price seemed reasonable and the content interesting. So I ended up “investing” 3 days of vacation time and $300.00 out of my own pocket to attend this event and I don’t regret it. This is my take on Brian Knight and the Pragmatic Works workshop.

The thing is worth it, money well spent, Brian knows this stuff, his classes are 100% fat free, even his “stupid jokes” are good and few, so you end up with a day of tasty substance. You even get some of your money back, Brian was very kind and threw in a couple of t-shirts for everyone, and so many books of his latest title (Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer) that I think 80% of the class went home with one, they had doughnuts and coffee for breakfast and lunch was decent.

This particular workshop will not make you an SSIS developer, for that you need longer training and some experience, but it will definitely get you started in the right direction. The workshop covered the most important Data Flow Task transformations, with real world examples and tips acquired by Brian thru the years as a consultant, and this is probably the most valuable part of the workshop, Brian is your buddy that has been in the trenches for a long time and gives you that perspective and insight.

So yeah, good experience overall, in the future I’ll definitely consider other more in-depth offers from Pragmatic Works. In the mean time I’ll stay “hitting the books” on my own, stay thirsty [for knowledge] my friends.

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